Llanarth Morfydd

Llanarth Morfydd was by Llanarth Braint, and out of Rhosfarch Morwena, who was by Pentre Eiddwen Comet.

She was a full sister to Llanarth Meredith ap Braint.

The following article comes from the Welsh Cob Review, Issue 12 from April 1997.

"It is with great sadness that I report the loss of Llanarth Morfydd at the age of 28. Morfydd was foaled at the Llanarth Stud, her dam being Rhosfarch Morwena and the Sire being the late great Llanarth Braint.

She was a wonderful brood mare, producing no fewer than 12 foals in the period from 1971 to 1983, some of which were exported to the U.S.A., Germany etc. Her 1977 filly Llanarth Marged died recently, but Llanarth Stud still have Llanarth Martina who will carry on Morfydds' bloodline.

Morfydd herself was unshown except at Lampeter as a yearling. Llanarth Stud had Flying Comet and Meredith during that time, and so the girls tended to take a back seat!
Below is the list of foals she had:

Llanarth Morys 1971 by Llanarth Meteor Colt
Llanarth Mabon 1972 by Llanarth Flying Comet Colt
Llanarth Mydrian 1973 by Llanarth Carel Colt
Llanarth Myfanwy 1975 by Nebo Black Magic Filly
Llanarth Monarch 1976 by Llanarth Brenin Siarl Colt
Llanarth Marged 1977 by Llanarth Flying Comet Filly
Llanarth Maggie 1978 By Tyhen Comet Filly
Llanarth Mostyn 1979 By Llanarth True Briton Colt
Llanarth Mandy 1980 By Llanarth True Briton Filly
Llanarth Mabel 1981 By Llanarth True Briton Filly
Llanarth Meifys 1982 by Llanarth Flying Comet Filly
Llanarth Melodi 1983 by Llanarth Flying Comet Filly
Bromley Sparkle 1985 By Hewid Cardi Filly
Bromley Seren 1986 By Rhandir Robert Colt

Her 1986 foal by Rhandir Robert was sold on after being gelded and broken, and has subsequently represented Great Britain in Ireland, Showjumping."

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