Gwynfaes Culhwch

Gwynfaes Culhwch was born in 1997. His sire is Crugybar Mabon Mai and his dam is Penllwynuchel Sioned by Nebo Daniel.

As a five year old, Gwynfaes Culhwch is one of the youngest horses ever to win the George Prince of Wales Cup and to repesent the RWAS at the Horse of the Year Show. He has been very successful at all of the major shows and the stock from him have made excellent prices at the October sales.

"At the Gwynfaes Stud we have his grand-dam, dam, and full sister which have all been bred by us."

His progeny include:
Gwynfaes Custennin
Gwynfaes Manawydan
Gwynfaes Matholwch

Ffrwdlwyd Flying Childers
Poppit Mayflower
Furthermoors Solomon
Rhonda Heather